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OS Reinstall

Has your computer gradually been getting slower and slower?

Sometimes the best option is to go through an OS Reinstall process.

As time goes on computers can become slow for various reasons:
– Software packages can sometimes introduce variances that can interact with elements of other software packages or even the operating system.
– Software that is uninstalled can leave behind remnants of itself.
– Updates can go wrong causing issues.
– Incorrectly shutting down the computer can cause files to become corrupted.

Over time these and other events can contribute to decreasing the performance of your computer.

The OS Reinstall process may be just the fix to speed up your computer. Starting with a clean slate can cure many of the issues that computers can accumulate over time.

** NOTE **

This service can be highly variable in the time it takes to perform. Primarily because the length of time to perform this is directly dependent on the speed of your computer and it’s hard drives.

We generally do not recommend you have this done at your site because you end up paying for someone to sit there for varying chunks of time. We can bring your computer back to our workbench and let things run and interact with it when required by the next step in the process.

It still takes a decent amount of interaction to run through the backup/wipe/rebuild/restore process that this requires. However, it will be much less expensive than paying someone to sit at your location baby-sitting the process.

In most instances this service requires either a pre-built recovery partition on your computer, or a model specific bootable CD or USB.

Bringing your computer back to our location to perform this service will carry a charge of $175.00 if the recovery partition or CD/USB reinstall media is available.

If some sort of model specific restore media is not available, the cost will start at $200.00 at which point the consideration of purchasing a new machine to replace it might be a more cost effective option. We can help you through this decision process if that is the case.

Why might we nudge you toward buying a new computer if we don’t sell any? Because charging you a lot to fix an older computer when you might need to replace it in another year or two might begin to make us look like a schmuck – we don’t want that. We look bad enough as it is without trying to fit into a schmuck outfit.


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