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Cyber Security

Cyber Security (often rendered as Cybersecurity) is a significant issue for large and small businesses alike. Every year there seems to be more and bigger compromises to companies’ computer and data security. You read about it in the news all the time.

Small businesses are no exception. Sure, you may not actually be targeted by hackers (that you know of), but that does not mean you can’t be targeted more generally and hacked by drive-by bots that can do as much damage to your business as you read about in the news.

Do you know if you are taking appropriate steps to minimize your risk of compromise?

Are you looking for someone to help you beef up your cybersecurity stance?

We can look at the regulatory landscape that you work within, examine the systems and data you have in place, assess the way you use and access them, and then recommend and help implement best practices and additional protections that have security in mind.


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